So why am I writing this blog........?

This blog is a way for me to record and reflect upon my day to day life and all the changes that have happened to me over the past 2 years. In a nut-shell I moved from the rich, bustling streets of London to the sleepy suburbs of Washington DC all in the name of love. My biggest reward in this adventure has been the love of my wonderful husband and the birth of our beautiful daughter. However this transition is not and has not been an easy one; it's been filled with tremendous highs and devastating lows- all part of life's rich tapestry and part of my story that I want to share as a mother, wife and of course as an English girl settling into life across the pond.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House Update...

Things are coming on so quickly with the house and we have finally been given a completion date of the 27th September.  Last Friday we took a trip out with Mum and David to check on progress.  All the internal dry walls are in and walking around it actually feels like a house!

Here's a picture taken inside.  As you can see we're all smiles at the prospect of the house nearing completion except one.....can you spot the grumpy face..?!

Over the last week Tabitha has taken to expressing her feelings using her facial expressions.  This particular face seems to be a favourite and is practiced many times a day.  It communicates many things in baby speak, namely; 'I don't like this, I'm not hungry, I'm full, the sun's in my eyes, I have a dirty nappy, I don't like that smell and I don't want to go in the car seat'.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hotel Seashadow

The next 2 weeks are very exciting, not only is it the Olympics which is hosted in my beloved  and much missed London but Mum and David are staying with us.  Space is tight aboard Jubilee so thanks to the kindness of our marina neighbours Allan and Linda, they are staying aboard a Catalina called Seashadow.  They have been with us since Tuesday and I am greedily lapping up every minute I can spend with them.  Tabitha is loving having her English 'Granny' and Kiwi 'Koro' (Maori for old man) staying with us.

                                                 having fun with Granny by the pool

                                                        story time with Koro

Since Mum and David arrived we've spent most of our time around the marina.  Mum and I have been walking and doing some yoga while David has been frantically swimming in preparation for his big swim from Jersey to France at the end of this month- a wapping 22 miles!  If he completes the epic swim not only will he be one of the 17 people in the whole world to complete this amazing physical feat but he will also the oldest.  Check out his blog: he's very funny.

It's been a hot one this weekend and we decided that we would dust off Jubilee's sails, consume some sea-sickness pills and take a mini cruise to the bay-side town of Oxford.  Before we set sail on Saturday, we made sure that Tabby had time to cool off in a makeshift pool with Joey- what a brilliant invention Meg and Jim, those carts have so many possibilities!

                                                              just splashing around.....

Our trip to Oxford was short as we wanted to try to make it back across the bay before the wind picked up but we had just enough time to walk around the quaint town; so many cute houses with white picket fences! and of course we just HAD to sample some the local ice cream- rumor has it that it's the best in the area, so we put it to the test...all in the name of research of course...!

                                                               picturesque Oxford