So why am I writing this blog........?

This blog is a way for me to record and reflect upon my day to day life and all the changes that have happened to me over the past 2 years. In a nut-shell I moved from the rich, bustling streets of London to the sleepy suburbs of Washington DC all in the name of love. My biggest reward in this adventure has been the love of my wonderful husband and the birth of our beautiful daughter. However this transition is not and has not been an easy one; it's been filled with tremendous highs and devastating lows- all part of life's rich tapestry and part of my story that I want to share as a mother, wife and of course as an English girl settling into life across the pond.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A jump to the present

So, a quick jump to the present day.  A few months have passed since I arrived in the US.  Lots of visitors have come to stay, we've been to Florida to stay with Doug's Mum and Dad for a long weekend and I've had a quick trip back to the UK for three weeks to catch up with much missed family and friends.

Tabitha is now five and a half months old and has begun to sample a bit of solid food.  I'm following the Annabel Karmel Baby and Toddler Meal Planner which seems to be going well.  So far all the recipes are straight forward although at the moment it's just a case of pureeing different fruits and vegetables.  She seems to love apples and pears but she's not so keen on carrots.  As I'm sure is the case with most babies she seems to get more food on her face than in her mouth!  Cute but messy.

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