So why am I writing this blog........?

This blog is a way for me to record and reflect upon my day to day life and all the changes that have happened to me over the past 2 years. In a nut-shell I moved from the rich, bustling streets of London to the sleepy suburbs of Washington DC all in the name of love. My biggest reward in this adventure has been the love of my wonderful husband and the birth of our beautiful daughter. However this transition is not and has not been an easy one; it's been filled with tremendous highs and devastating lows- all part of life's rich tapestry and part of my story that I want to share as a mother, wife and of course as an English girl settling into life across the pond.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's hot!

It's no lie that the majority of English people are obsessed with the weather.  We have good reason for this preoccupation as apart from that one sunny day which is declared as being our summer, most days in the UK are grey and gloomy.  As a result of this I've never had much sympathy and always felt a little frustrated by people who moan about the weather being too hot and humid. 'poor you' I would always think to myself...'It must be really terrible having all that glorious sunshine and warmth..'  'Oh, what a shame that your hair is all frizzy..'  But now as I find myself moaning to Mum on Skype about the terrible heat and humidity I can see the same words running through her mind as she sits there politely smiling back at me in her jumper.  

Since last weekend we've had soaring temperatures of around 95-100 degrees (around 38 centigrade).  Tomorrow and Saturday it is expected to go up to 102 (yuk).  The heat and humidity are quite disabling, it is too hot to take Tabitha out for walks or to the pool after 9am or before 7pm so we're spending as much time as we can playing inside the boat with the air conditioning on.  Yesterday we did discover a new fun way of keeping Tabby cool using the cockpit and the water hose.  As you can see Tabitha was loving the water, she really is a water baby!  

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