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This blog is a way for me to record and reflect upon my day to day life and all the changes that have happened to me over the past 2 years. In a nut-shell I moved from the rich, bustling streets of London to the sleepy suburbs of Washington DC all in the name of love. My biggest reward in this adventure has been the love of my wonderful husband and the birth of our beautiful daughter. However this transition is not and has not been an easy one; it's been filled with tremendous highs and devastating lows- all part of life's rich tapestry and part of my story that I want to share as a mother, wife and of course as an English girl settling into life across the pond.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Cruise to St. Michaels

Over the weekend Doug, Tabby and I all set sail  for St. Michael's, a quaint colonial town brimming with Chesapeake Bay history.  On Saturday morning we left for our epic over night sail with enough rations to sink a ship......the wind was reasonable and was blowing between 5-10 knots which meant that although we were unable to sail all the way we were able to let a bit of wind tickle old Jubilee's sails.

After 5 hours of sailing-motoring we arrived into St. Michaels harbour and dropped anchor next to our friends Sunny and Glen who had also sailed from the marina that morning on their boat Solare.  We rafted the two boats together and settled in for the night with drinks and a BBQ after I had a quick swim in the bay.  Tabitha settled quickly and even managed to sleep through a firework display from a wedding in the town. The night was so peaceful on the water.

                                                        Our bedtime view from Jubilee

We were all awake at the break of dawn.  I swam in the bay again and we breakfasted on board. At around 11am we took Sunny and Glen's dingy over to St. Michael's for lunch and a look around the shops.  The town is really lovely, very picturesque with a really good selection of restaurants and shops.  Our visit was a brief one that wetted my appetite to return again.

  The town of St. Michaels

On our return to the marina mother nature was not on our side so we had to motor all the way back.  Tabby was in her element playing throughout the sail and much to Doug's delight she seems to have an alarming interest in his new navigation electronics for the boat.....a true sailor in the making...!

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  1. What a proud dad and happy baby.
    Love you all. xxx